Clean Eating is NOT a Diet

No, this is not yet another diet fad. Who has time to calculate the square root of these eggs you’re about to eat and religiously note the calories of every single piece of food that grazes your mouth? The answer is NO ONE.

But does this mean you should go ahead and just give up on your health? NO. Where I’m getting at is that it’s time to stop dieting and it’s time to start living, living clean that is!

Why should you eat clean? This question can be answered with “How much do you love yourself?” If we truly appreciate the miracle that our body encompasses, we would understand how important it is to nurture it with good, organic and nutritious foods. Clean eating not only gives your body what it needs but it also helps it rid itself of years worth of toxins, processed foods,pollution, etc.

But clean eating IS NOT a fad, not a diet but a lifestyle. Slowly but surely, you can heal your body from allergies, fatigue, constant heartburn, digestive issues, skin issues, acne, and many more ailments simply by eating clean!

Think of your body as a tree, when the tree leaves start to turn yellow you know something is off. You go to the doctor, he prescribes you some medicine, “Paint the leaves green.” Does that really solve your issue? No. Clean eating detoxifies your body so you can get to the actual root of your problems, not just paint over them with prescriptions.

Our bodies are exceptional machines, most of the time we let them rust and wear out instead of giving it proper care and preventive clean ups. Let your body do what it does best, detoxify and heal itself over and over again!

I will be posting weekly tips and guides to encourage you to make the change. For now, let’s break down this rainbow bowl below:


    • Gluten Free sushi rice from Roland
    • Organic Mango
    • Organic Carrot
    • Topped with sesame seeds from Cock Brands
    • Organic romain lettuce
    • Gluten free cellophane rice noodles from Roland
    • Organic Carrots
    • Organic Pineapple
    • Organic Avocado
    • Bell peppers
    • Organic orange sliced
    • Organic grapefruit sliced
    •  Organic carrots



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