On Soul-Searching and Stardust

pend enough time in soul-itude and you will eventually feel the need to figure out many things about yourself like what are you really focusing on, what are you pouring your energy into, how many calories were in that dark chocolate bar earlier… and eventually, more existential questions as who and what are you??


At 27, this is not an easy question to tackle. The more I devote time to meditation practice, it feels like I’m only adding more fuel to the fire with these gargatuan questions. Are we just limited to our physical bodies or is it really mind over matter? And if conscioussness can be separate to the body, does this mean there is a separate realm, or dimension where our energies, or souls are recycled endlessly to be put in different containers each time?

But before we derail into a clusterfuck of thoughts, let me just share a fun fact about me: I’m constantly having curiousity bursts that can only be satisfied by a magic crystal ball called Google.

One of those bursts led me to this interesting fact about our bodies, did you know we are actually made of stars? We really are, so if you were ever given the compliment “You’re a star!” they were accurately describing you, but since we’re all in one the same – it was less of a admiration and more of an actual fact.

Dancing Stars

Let’s break it down:

  • Over 4.5 billion years ago, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms in our bodies, as well as atoms of all other heavy elements, were created in previous generations of stars.
  • Because humans and every other animal as well as most of the matter on Earth contain these elements we are are literally made from star dust.
  • Basically, all life on earth including the atoms in our bodies were made in the explosions of dying stars.

My belief is that we are energy, our souls, or bodies are literally composed of the universe. It’s not just some cheesy saying on an inspirational post. That is why we need to be wary of the energies that surround us, how we are vibrating, what we put into our bodies as much as what we give to others. The point is that you become aware.

Hooray (1)

Awareness will bring you to beautiful realizations as well as painful truths about who you are in this moment but at the same time it’s just the starting point into working on ascension, vibrating higher and overcoming any obstacles or blockages in your life. We are born into this world with tremendous power and energy, we are afterall, just stars with people names.

Have a great weekend y’all, good vibes all around.

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