Discover Your Inner Mission- Full Moon in Sagittarius


The moon, like everything else in this tangent planet, has its phases. Each phase is associated with a particular power or purpose. The New Moon is a time to begin new things, to be spontaneous. The Crescent Moon phase is a time to get the facts and plan to implement new ideas. The First Quarter Moon is a confrontational period when problems should be addressed and laying foundations for your plans. The Gibbous Moon phase is a time to make adjustments and refinements to plans. The Full Moon Phase is a time for fulfillment. It is a point of unveiling and revealing but also a time to release what has passed before the light disseminates and a new moon emerges.


Each full moon brings different energy and is surrounded by a certain theme, depending on what you believe, for the month of June this can be “Strawberry moon” a time of ripening fruit, “mini-moon” as the moon is farthest from the earth, or if you’ve got a more deeper understanding of the signs, Sagittarius full moon.  Known as the ruler of travel, higher education and as the highly idealistic and optimistic archer, this sign has a love for travel and adventure and is the seeker of truth. But this year’s full moon falls conjunct with planet Saturn, ruler of karma and law.


What does this mean? The moon rules emotions, Sagittarius’ full moon seeks for truth and Saturn conjunct is saying, “The truth and NOTHING but the truth.” We’re asked to explore how we form our beliefs. Get really honest with yourself. What is the point of being alive? What does it mean to be human and how have different cultures and places helped you answer this question? What is love? What is time? Is there meaning to any of this? Sagittarius is all about the big picture. Ask yourself the hard questions so that you can create awareness.

This moon’s energy also brings the need to feel free of restrictions, and to be spontaneous. The restless and independent nature of Sagittarius offers us the gift of exploration. Warm & friendly vibes can make this a good time for seeing new places, encountering different people and relating to a changing environment. No matter our coordinates, multicultural connections will get a powerful boost from this full moon. It’s a time to work together and cross those invisible lines.campground_hoeckel.jpg

This Full Moon wants you to find a system that helps you expand. When you have a philosophical truth (what’s your life mission?) that you can center your life around, you can bounce back from challenges because you understand the arc of your own divine direction—you have perspective, you understand that it’s ok to not know everything, and in search for truth and further understanding you keep pointing your arrow into new horizons!


Create your own life motto, your life mission – you have a unique one, have you engaged with it? Seek the truth within you, are you being honest with yourself and with what you hold true and dear? 


“I see the goal. I reach the goal and see another.”

  • What is my highest aspiration? 
  • Am I mindful of my thoughts and my visions? Am I staying true to my mission? 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Good vibes all around!


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