Get Your Zen On With DOSI


he community of Pretty Eats, as I have envisioned it, is not only a place where you can find good food but also good soul-food, we’re not your typical food hub as you may have noticed. That being said, this is the first of the many spotlight series where we will dig deeper into a practice, a product or a guru to bring you the outmost details on how they can help you zen out!

15540892_290170871384557_3587288578793060186_oEnter DOSI, an aromatherapy service that caters to those in need of healing or strengthening their emotional self. Founded by Austin local, Erica Naranjo, DOSI has 7 powerful affirmation blends that alleviate the emotional body from negative emotions. When I first learned about DOSI, I was intrigued by the concept of aromatherapy in itself. It’s a known fact that smells can transport us, scents can tap into the part of the brain responsible for moods and emotions. Even more intriguing? Different scents evoke different feelings!

The power of scent is inarguable — different ones can trigger our olfactory senses which can calm, energize, or alter our moods to help us stay focused or get creative. That is where the ancient practice of aromatherapy, part magic-part science, harnesses the power of scent with essential oils and plant extracts to heal and help our bodies.

We asked Erica to take us into the world of DOSI and aromatherapy on a more deeper level.


AH: What is the meaning behind the name DOSI?

EN: DOSI means potion in Greek. 

AH:Why aromatherapy? What are some of the health benefits behind it?

EN:  Aromatherapy is a natural way to relieve the body from headaches, indigestion, nausea , stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, lack of concentration and so a myriad of other ailments on an emotional level.

AH:How did you know this is what you wanted to focus on?

EN: I’ve always had a interest for plants and scents. Researching and learning more about the art and science behind aromatherapy transformed from a hobby into a passion almost immediately!

For quite some time I had been practicing “Meditation on the Soul”, by founder of Pranich Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, with the intention of discovering and connecting to my life purpose. One day, while in deep meditation, the vision of DOSI came to me in full color. The brand, the colors, the images and even the smells. For me, that was a sign that this was my true calling. 

AH:What are some recommendations when using your products?

EN: A little goes a long way.  When using our products always speak and affirm the affirmation or intention you are setting. Our body oils can be diffused and applied to the entire body and even hair! When using our bath essences we recommend that you soak in 2 teaspoons for at least 15-20 minutes. For our body mists, target your face, hands or all over the body to rid yourself of any heaviness.

AH:Where do you see your brand in the next couple of years?

EN:  First off, we would like to see DOSI as a household name in the world of aromatherapy and essential oils. Overall, the intention is to help others heal their emotional body through DOSI. 

There you have it folks, now go spray, sniff, and be merry!

Good vibes all around.

You can find DOSI available at:


906 E 5th St #106 Austin, TX

Or order online at

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