As Within So Without: The Importance of Inner Peace


Is your glass half empty or half full? The answer should be -none of the above. Your glass should be overflowing. – Andrea Hernandez

In the midst of what is happening in Charlottesville, the latest armsrace, the polarity, the hate,  the violence and constant terror our world is living in -it’s time for us to get serious about finding resolution.

There has been overwhelming outward responses to these situations, people donating to different organizations, spending time contacting their reprensentatives, making their voices heard, marching, standing up for what they believe to be right, and the list goes on…

But why does it feel like all  this effort is somehow falling short? Well, a while back I discovered a little secret – we cannot attract, what we don’t have. Yes, it’s that plain and simple. Have you checked yourself lately? How much peace and love have you been emanating recently….if we can’t attract what we don’t have… how can we ask for our outer world to be at peace if we cannot bring it from within?

Is your glass half empty or half full? The answer should be –none of the above. Your glass should be overflowing. You see, in order to make impact, we must first start with ourselves. We must work on our shadows, embrace them, make peace with them, bring them to surface so that we may fill them with light. We must fill ourselves with light, self love, self care, and be at peace…. so much that there is nowhere else for it to go but overflows into the world.

So if you’re feeling anxious, nervous, afraid… seek for answers within. Do the work, not only externally but more importantly within you – be at peace with yourself, with those who have wronged you, forgive, bring happiness wherever there is sorrow. More than the change, be a light in these times are darkness… be a beacon that others that are still in shadows can be drawn too.

Good vibes and may the stars be ever in your favor.

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