It is human nature to get caught up in fearing the future or regretting the past, but never forget that your true power lies in the present.


This year has been PACKED with trips, weddings, planning, work, and for all those who know what Pretty Eats is about, endless cooking and recipe prepping.  Last week I took a break and escaped to a beautiful, peaceful, tiny virgin island. With little to almost no cellphone signal and much less any Wi-Fi, it was the perfect moment to appreciate and live in the present.

When you aren’t being present you become a victim of time. Your mind is pulled into the past or the future, or both. At least that is what I constantly remind myself, especially after my daily Headspace sessions (If you’re not yet hooked on it, you’re missing out BIG TIME.)

All that is certain is this very moment; one of the most important exercises during my meditations is to acknowledge thoughts and feelings for what they are and bring back attention to my  breathe, ensuring that I stay in the moment. For example, when you are meditating and all of a sudden you are getting bombarded with thoughts, PAUSE instead of letting them turn into an out of control spiral, take back control by acknowledging what they are, “Oh, a thought” or “Oh, a feeling.”

The present is all that anyone ever has. So we must ask: Why are we so wrapped up in the “what has been” and the “what will be”?



Mainly because living in the present requires constant work and discipline: It’s a never-ending cycle of introspection.

Regardless of our stations in life, we can absolutely benefit from learning how to live in the now and be as present as possible while still having those long-term visions and plans. One of the major causes of unhappiness is to not appreciate what we already have and focus all of our energy and effort toward what we don’t have.

Though I’ve stayed true to my practice for over a year now, I still struggle to be mindful of every move I make. Why do we get worked up about things that have yet to arise? I know for me it’s the realization that I do not have control over certain external factors in life, for me not having control or even just thinking about losing control sends me into an anxiety spiral.


Stressing over the future can throw you off track from your destiny. We must remind ourserlves that everything happens for a reason and what will be, will be. Nothing ever happens that is not going to be for our highest good, and with that said, before we jump into anything we must learn to finish one chapter before starting another.

And speaking about closing chapters, let´s take a second to remember we should not worry about the past, for the past is over.  But more than anything we can think of our past as a guide, a map of where we left off so we can use it to our advantage. Lessons learned from mistakes, joyful moments that bring us comfort in times of despair, old love flames that showed us what love is like and so forth…

If we allow ourselves to be victims of time – victims of the past and slaves to a future that is yet to unravel – we will carry with us a sense of unease. We will be susceptible to stress, agitation and feel generally uncomfortable in life.

There is no redemption to be found in time. So we must surrender to what is right now.

Wherever you are, commit to being there, completely. Life will take care of the rest.


Good vibes all around! 💓

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