Foodie Features: @Bowlobsessed

It was the great Shakespeare who once predicted the rise of Instagram: What’s in a name?”  Well, at Pretty Eats, we doth believe that all foodies, regardless of their handle, have amazing recipes that taste just as sweet as any other. Enter our Foodie Features, where we showcase amazing foodies and their favorite signature recipes from all around the world!



verything is definitely more grandeur in Texas and Erica Batterman’s @bowlobsessed is nothing short of that! Her colorful recipes caught our eye and we’ve been double-tapping non stop ever since!

Find out more about the beauty behind the bowls, below:

AH: What’s the story behind @bowlobsessed? What inspired you to start the account? 

EB: I come from an athletic background, and as long as I can remember, have been labeled the “healthy friend,” and my families “go-to” for health and wellness; especially recipes. SO much so, that I was creating meal plans and healthier versions of recipes to send to friends and family on an individual bases. Earlier this year, I finally decided to create a little piece of the internet that was mine, to put all my recipes in one place, and share with others what I eat everyday!

As for the story behind my handle…I have all of these perfectly fine plates, big and small, in my house, but noticed I kept grabbing the same deep bowl to eat ALL my meals out of! Just a $8 bowl from Target! If it was dirty, I would wash it, then just reuse it instead of grabbing a plate. It’s easier to scrape, and get every last drop!  It just came to me that I was “Bowl Obsessed!” I mean, who doesn’t want to curl up with a big bowl of goods? (We totally agree with you on that one Erica) 

AH: How would you rate the difficulty behind maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Do you have any tips for those who are just starting off and who are inspired by your delicious healthy plates? 

EB: On a scale from 1-10, I would say: 8. LIFE HAPPENS, and you just gotta roll with it!!  And honestly, I sometimes just crave a big pile of nachos! I have learned to give myself grace, and let it go when I am not 100% in control, or when I just want to enjoy fun foods and fun times. Balance is not easy, but it is possible.


  • TRY not to get caught up in calorie counting…it’s NO fun, it’s hard, overwhelming, and seriously not always the best way to be healthy. INSTEAD, focus on Whole Foods and keeping ingredients simple and as clean as possible.
  • I started with healthy swaps: * Swap sour cream for greek yogurt (full of protein + lower in fat) * Try adding hummus or just a splash of olive oil & balsamic for salad dressing *swap white refined sugar for raw coconut sugar (real food, and not processed) *swap margarine for organic, grass-fed butter, OR ghee (less fat and not processed) Do you see a theme?? 🙂 *Add flax seed & chai seeds to any meal: full of filling fiber, and omegas * swap white or even normal wheat bread for more nutritiously dense sprouted grain bread (cleaner, and better for digestion) *swap flour tortillas for corn or even better, for Siete Foods Grain Free tortillas  * swap soda for mineral water with some fresh aloe juice *swap 3pm chocolate snack for green tea and handful of nuts
  • MEAL PREP! Try to put aside 2 hours at some point in the week (doesn’t have to be Sunday) to cook some protein and roast some veggies! My favorites: turmeric ground turkey, hard boil some eggs, cook sprouted lentils to have on hand, roast brussel sprouts, caulflour, and sweet potatoes. So helpful.
  • EAT THE RAINBOW! Try and get as many colors as possible in your bowl! Each color has different minerals and vitamins to help nourish your body.
  • When in doubt, through anything in a BOWL and call it a day…or a Buddha bowl! Don’t get caught up on flavors, or if it all goes or is “right.”  My best meals have been what ever is leftover in the fridge from the week.
  • PROTEIN + HEALTHY FATS + VEGGIES and/or healthy carbs are always a winning combo. EX: Chicken breast + broccoli + sliced avocado and/or baked sweet potato. OR Shrimp + Quinoa + asparagus with ghee.
  • SEASON YO VEGGIES! Veggies have a reputation for being blah, I get it, but add some flavor, and I promise it will help! Garlic & Curry roasted cauliflower anyone??
  • BONUS HEALTH TIP. HYDRATE! It’s SO Important for your overall health, not to mention great for your complexion. Dehydration and hunger can feel the same…don’t mistake hunger for dehydration. Try to shoot for a gallon of water a day (I know, I know, 128oz sounds like a ton; break it up into 4 refillable water bottles. If you have a 32oz water bottle, just make sure to fill 4 times a day!! 2 before lunch & 2 after, is an easy way to think about it.  I’m supper passionate about it.

AH: What would you say is your main mission with your account, what are your future aspirations for it? 

EB: Right now, my main mission is reach as many people as possible, and connect with like-minded people! This IG food community is insanely supportive, and inspirational. I would love to one day, be more established as Market Influencer, and work with more brands that I love on a higher level. I would also love to do more recipe developing! It’s so fun to be playful, and experiment with food.  I am also just living in the moment, and open to ANY opportunities that come my way. Excited to see what is in store for me and my bowls! 🙂

AH: Where do you look for inspiration when it comes to developing your colorful recipes and plates?

EB: THE IG FEED! I truly believe people eat with their eyes first.  Sadly, that’s all we can do on IG! I am just drawn to color, and think of implementing beautiful herbs, fruits, and veggies to liven up any bowl that I’m making.

AH: What is your FAVORITE go-to recipe that is truly on brand with @bowlobsessed? 

EB: Broiled fish alongside roasted veggies, and greens! OR a veggie salad with a fried egg on it! I can find an excuse to slap a fried egg on basically anything!


Follow @bolwsobsessed for more healthy, beautiful recipes!

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