What’s in a RETROGRADE?


Mercury has gone retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius until December 22nd. For those of you who have absolutely no idea what the previous sentence means, let me break it down for you.

  1. Three or four times a year, the planet Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. As it rounds the bend, Mercury slows down and appears to stop or station and spin backward (retrograde) but it really ISN’T moving backward, it only creates the optical illusion that it is going backward. Just as with the moon and other astros, changes in these have a certain effect on our planet.
  2. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology—so all of these areas go haywire for about three weeks.
  3.  The themes that are being asked to be reviewed or re-assessed during this time will depend on which sign it falls on.

So what’s the deal with Mercury Retro?

Mercury retrograde can crash electronic equipment. Expect delays if traveling. Get in touch with old friends – and don’t be surprised if people from your past track you down. You might hear from the most RANDOM ex-boyfriends and childhood classmates during retrogrades. Mercury also rules contracts, so think before you ink. Either wrap up important negotiations before the cycle starts, or wait to sign documents until Mercury goes direct.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius- Themes in place

The messenger planet will backspin through the blunt sign of Sagittarius, doubling the odds of disruptions and drama.  Conversations could devolve into endless ethical debates or escalate into shouting matches where everyone wants to be right. During this three-week phase, remember that you CAN agree to disagree.

Lock down those holiday travel plans and reservations—and be sure to confirm. Expect delays if traveling, and pack a book to entertain yourself while you wait for the tardy bus or plane.

With mobile Mercury reversing through globetrotting Sagittarius, long-distance jaunts are particularly in jeopardy. Vacation schedules could get scrambled and your “should have booked it yesterday” fare could suddenly spike. Just a couple days before this retrograde began, American Airlines cited a “glitch” that booked ALL their pilots for time off on Christmas, leaving thousands of holiday flights without anyone to actually FLY the plane!

Retrogrades are the best time for the re-s:

Review, Reasses, Research, Renew, Revamp, etc. 

During this time we can all harness the “re” powers of this cosmic cycle and dive into research missions. Have all your facts and sources ready, a new year is slowly creeping on us and with that comes a time of re-invention and re-birth!

Happy Retrograde – and may the stars be ever in your favor!


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