Year in Review: Good Intentions Are Not Enough

It’s that time of the year again… do me a favor and ditch your resolutions list. Trust me.

ince 2015, I’ve made it a tradition to reflect on the past year, afterall accountability is not just for businesses, but is equally important in the personal life.  I ended 2016 commiting to,  once and for all,  ditch the New Year’s resolutions list, instead, I aimed to become resolute.

How did this play out in 2017?

The truth is the idea that I had to wait an entire year to  start over made absolutely no sense to me at 26, much less now at 27. I wanted to re-program myself into thinking that it was absolutely ok to FAIL in trying to accomplish my goals, resolutions, wishes, etc and that instead of waiting for the motivation of a New Year to bring myself back up again, I should know that I can start over again right there and then. And boy, what a year it has been!

On Making Traveling a Priority

The first order of business for this year was to find the time and the way to visit some old, but important friends. 2016 had been a year of healing and recoverying from some emotional PTSD and truth be told, I needed to add a little fire to my inner spark.

I felt confident enought to crawl out of my protective shell and plan some much needed adventures with people who were dear to my heart but had parted on their own journeys, far away  from me. So I made an intention, and in the span of a year I got to rekindle with so many friends from Austin, to San Francisco, to New Orleans, to New York and even all the way to Jordan, I got to rekindle with friends from all my different paths in life.

On Practicing What You Preach

In 2016, I developed a practice of mindfulness through meditation, practicing self-care by eating and working out with what worked best for my soul and my body, practiced detachment, introspection and most importantly forgiveness. Mind you this was all done in solitude, I kind of lost touch with the world for a bit and just did my own thing.

Starting 2017, I knew it was time to put it all in to the test in the real world. And  if you know anything about this past year, you know how hectic it has been on a global level. I learned that through my practice I can be a beacon of light and peace to others, and that whatever change I want to see manifested in this world can only come from a change within. So this year I used all I learned to become a channel of light and blessings to others, through my practice, at work, on outings and during my travels.

On Why Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Overall, 2017 was a great year but not because it was easy, but because I learned the valuable lesson that good intentions can only go so far, you need to put in the work. And inner work is never ending!


I became ok with the idea that we are constantly evolving, change  is only natural and I should not be afraid of constantly shedding layers. Of things getting difficult, of life throwing challenges my way. Instead of just hoping things would be ok, I found the inner strength in me to say, whatever comes my way I know that I will be able to overcome it.


So what’s next?

Work wise, I’m determined to grow the Pretty Eats community, focusing on expanding our reach, welcoming new contributors and developing more rich content as well as bringing the Pretty Eats #IRL experience internationally! ( Donut wall anyone?)

Personally I want to dig deeper into my practice and commit to at least 300 days of meditation, #noexcuses.  Deepening my studies on spirituality and gaining higher consciousness. Continue to act as a vessel of light and blessings to anyone who may need it. And commit to at least ONE solo trip this year, in which I cannot fall back on the comfort of any friend and helping me break out of my shell even more!

Whatever this year may have in store, I’m definitely up to the challenge. Remember, there are no rules, Feel free to start back anytime, you don’t need to wait for 2019 to start over!

As always, good vibes all around and may the stars be ever in your favor!

Ready to dig in the trenches? What are your goals for 2018? Share them in the comments below! 

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