Drop and Give Me Zen

2018 did not come to play with y’all. It’s got hot sauce in it’s bag and it’s about to slay the lot of us.

here to even begin? 2018 starts off with Saturn, the planet of Karmic debts, of rules and structures, has entered the sign of Capricorn, the responsible, fatherly figure of the zodiac for the next 3 years! This is a major energetic shift and we are all going to be feeling it in one way or another.

This year a theme that will be highlighted for all of us is our foundations. This energy is about testing our grounds, how solid are your structures, physically and metaphorically.

Welcome to My House

Remember that bible parable about the man who built his house on sand? It was washed away after a downpour, because it had no solid foundation versus the man who had built his house on rock and  and after the storm passed, he was good to go.

In this instance, the storm represents life’s calamities and the house being built on sand is reference to someone who isn’t well grounded in their own beliefs or has any solid foundation in their life. They live in automation, living day to day without really having a good grasp as to what they are doing, working for, living for.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

So, where do you stand? The best way to assess where you are is to find time to do introspection. Whether its 5, 10 or 20 minutes even an hour! The more you can spend time by yourself making yourself accountable for your actions, analyzing your own patterns, tendencies, actions and even reactions. For example, have you been feeling in a rut lately? Why? Is it because of where you live, work, the people who interact who trigger this feeling… taking notes, writing down your emotions on a daily basis and take accountability of all of it. That is the best way to start.

How solid have your foundations been in the past?

Once you figure out WHERE YOUR HOUSE IS STANDING, then we can send over the inspectors and see how solid is your foundation.


Don’t Hate, Meditate

Who are these inspectors? Well, let’s say that the more we take time to be by ourselves, the more we become our own version of inspectors. Practicing meditation can help you view things from a 3rd party perspective, removing yourself from situations past, without the emotional burden and without the pressure of the outer world to make rash decisions.

Meditation is more about getting to a point where you are comfortable with yourself, so comfortable that you will not be afraid to let emotions or thoughts flow through you like waves.

How solid have your foundations been in the past? What about that last breakup where you spiraled out of control? Remember when you failed to get the promotion at work and you went on that 3 month guilt-trip and to be honest never came back? These are merely examples, if we have a solid foundation of who we are, where we are going, what we stand for, then we can weather any storm.

Meditation is a great practice to help us build, brick by brick, that solid foundation we seek. Contrary to what many may think, meditation does NOT involve, sitting for as long as you can in stillness trying to get your brain to shutdown. Meditation, at least the way I  have learned, is more about getting to a point where you are comfortable with yourself, so comfortable that you will not be afraid to let emotions or thoughts flow through you like waves, because in the end you know you are in control of what can affect you.


2018: The Year Of Enlightment

Whether you have no idea where to start or if you’ve already begun but want a more serious commitment to it, meditation is all levels, all inclusive and it will get you where you want to be if you dedicate time for it. 

For those beginners I highly recommend using Headspace, these 10 minute guided meditations are the perfect way to  start building your practice. And for those who are still going, I commend you and invite you to take your practice even further!

Sign up for a retreat this year, attend a meditation center, even host a meditation gathering for you and your friends! We are all on this path of enlightment together as a collective, the more we can be at peace with ourselves, the more light we will be able to emanate and thus collectively overcome the shadows our world is going through right now.

Be the light you want to see in the world.

So are you in or are you out? If you have a meditation practice I should know about, leave it in the comments below.

Good vibes all around!



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