Buying Local is Worth Every Cent

n the more recent years, the movement that takes consumers away from impersonal, big-box retailers and introduces them to the small scale producers, has sky-rocketed.


Why the sudden change you say?

There are many benefits from buying small scale and local:

  1. Getting to know the people behind the product gives you a more deeper connection to their story, their purpose and you can actually see how your purchase makes a difference not just in the producers lives but in your overall community.
  2. The more you support local business the more you can keep the culture and uniqueness of your community alive. Imagine if every neighborhood had the same cookie-cutter style houses, clothes, restaurants, etc, what a dull world would that be!
  3. Buying out of season is not good for the environment, so supporting local farmers and buying and working with what’s in season is one way to boost your eco-points! But buying local also requires less transportation, less infrastructure, less congestion and overall less habitat loss and pollution not to mention it will  give a good ol’ boost to the local economy!
  4. Buying local ensures you would get more personalized attention and overall better customer service since you actually have a connection to the producer!


Building sustainable connections, as a local, you should do your part as a member of your community to think local first, buy local whenever you can! Better use of community space, increasing job opportunities, maintaining the culture alive, these are just but some of the many benefits that can come just from one purchase of a local product! So next time you’re hitting the streets for something to shop, don’t forget to think community first!

So, how often do you buy local?


  1. daniellesmixingbowl

    I try to buy local whenever I can, but I also understand that’s not feasible for everyone. Either due to cost or location, sometimes a place like WalMar is a better optiont. That being said, I think it’s equally as important to buy from small business–no matter where they’re located. I love to hunt on Etsy for stuff by small businesses. True, it’s not always best for the environment, but I still get to support mom and pop businesses. Buy from local (or small!) businesses whenever you can!


    1. theprettyeats

      I agree! I think in other countries, buying local makes a lot more sense bc most of the big brands are imported. I’m glad you support small shops in any way you can, I think that’s the most important, to just be a more mindful shopper overall!


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