She’s Got The Healthy Moves

Sunshine in a scroll! Maria Julia’s infectious smile and colorful feed is all the convincing you need to opt for a healthier meal! If you’re a sucker for delicious treats but are not a fan of the post treats guilt-trips, @thehealthymove’s got you covered. 

Tell us  a little more about yourself.

HM: My name is Maria Julia Stolk, I am a Venezuelan living in Miami. I created The Healthy Move in June 2017, a brand that specializes in making healthy baked goods that really taste even better than the regular ones. The Healthy Move is not only about selling healthy sweets, but also sharing healthy and yummy recipes to do at home, recommend places to eat clean in Miami, healthy tips, motivational quotes, and more.

banana from top.jpg

What’s the story behind @thehealthymove? What inspired you to focus on health and wellness and begin your healthy treats?

HM: How I created The Healthy Move is kind of a funny story.  Four months ago I had this class in my university called Styling II. The professor asked each one of us to open an Instagram account about a lifestyle that we liked, integrating fashion in it. So I decided to open my Instagram about healthy living, since I was already making that move. I thought; 

yo viendolos

Alright, I can post healthy recipes that I’ll be cooking, recommend places to eat healthy in Miami that I’ll visit, post motivational quotes, and since fashion is required, I will be posting what is currently trendy on activewear, sharing the brand information, pictures and more.”

I picked the name, created the logo  and opened the account. I was always making recipes to post on the Instagram, and one day my friends tried my healthy brownies,  they were amazed, and told me I had to sell them, so I did, and luckily it was a success. I came up with the idea of selling healthy sweets free of gluten, sugars and dairy, made with organic and real ingredients, but most important, that could taste incredibly good. I started selling the Brownies, then the Carrot Cake Muffins, Choco-Banana Mini Cakes and so on, always trying to innovate often, offering new flavors every once in a while. 

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What would you say is your main mission with The Healthy Move, what are your future aspirations for it?

HM: My main mission with THM, is to show people who likes sweets that they can actually eat a very good one without harming their bodies. The main goal is to promote the healthy lifestyle, by creating sweets that are free of gluten, sugar, and dairy.

My future aspirations for it is to keep growing and reach a much broader audience. I recently expanded nationally, so people all over the U.S can receive their healthy and guilt-free sweets.

logo sin fondo.png

Living in Miami seems like a foodie’s dream come true! How do you manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

HM: Yes it is. To be honest, I have a routine of cooking healthy options during the week and eating a out on the weekends. Also I love trying healthy spots in Miami and share my sincere opinion with my followers. However, we cannot restrain of eating those things we crave sometimes, its all about keeping a healthy balance.

On that note, what are your favorite healthy food spots in Miami?

My favorite healthy spots in Miami are:

Apart from practicing a healthy diet, do you have any other wellness practices such as yoga, meditation, etc?

HM: Besides having a healthy diet, I support it with training. I go to Equinox in Brickell Heights and practice a variety of classes, such as:

  • Barre
  • Boxing
  • Hot yoga
  • Strength classes

brownies pro.jpg

Where do you look for inspiration when it comes to developing your recipes and treats?

HM: The idea of developing a new sweet comes to my mind, I always have in mind what exactly I want o develop in a healthy version. I do some research inspired on other recipes I’ve found online and modify them accordingly to obtain the desired taste. 

What is your favorite The Healthy Move sweets you’ve developed so far?

HM: This is a difficult one since for me, all of them are really good. But I would say the fudgy brownies, they are definitely a must try, you wont believe they are healthy!


 What makes The Healthy Move sweets stand out from the rest?

HM: My sweets stand out from the rest due to their amazing taste (just as the regular ones) and their real and simple ingredients. One good thing is that they do not contain preservatives; all the ingredients are short and readable.

What is one thing that you would recommend for someone who is just exploring a more healthy lifestyle?

HM: One thing I would recommend inot to obsess with the idea of looking good immediately and changing his/her habits super fast because they will get a lot of anxiety and frustration.

To have a healthy lifestyle you must understand why you are pursuing it, what is it that you want to change, is it your food habit? Is it your exercising? I think you need to be clear on your goal and then pursuit it little by little, changing small habits, for example, cooking at your house more often and trying to be active most part of your day.  Remember its all about finding a healthy balance.

yo mordiendo

Can’t get enough of Maria Julia? Neither can we, follow @thehealthymove or visit her website! Don’t forget you can also place orders for her amazing treats here.

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