Try This, Not That – An Elimination Guide

Time to let go of the old, to make room for the new and improved you!

e all know that January is just a pre-game to starting off on our goals for the year! With that in mind, before turning 28, I’m determined to a full on mind, body and soul cleanse. But before I plunge into it, face first (as always) I will slowly be eliminating some elements out of my life before the big stunt.

Care to join in the fun? The more the merrier, you know what they say… misery loves company! Just kidding, armed with Pretty Eats recipes, I’m positive this cleanse will be anything BUT boring.

You can find our quick guide below, with details on what things to exclude and what to include during this cleanse. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better once you get the GUNK of 2017, BECAUSE BOY, WE KNOW HOW TOXIC OF A YEAR IT WAS, out of your system!



Good vibes all around, let’s get cleansing!

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