Scents That Will Get You in The Mood

50 Shades of Darkness. Black Velvet, is a relaxing aphrodisiac that even Mr. Grey would approve of. 

as 2018 gotten the best of you and your sanity yet? Well, join the club. Though we had high hopes that this year would be less dramatic, after 2017’s Oscar worthy performance, this past month has been an insane roller coaster ride of emotions!

But, I digress in lieu of the fact that the LONGEST month ever has paved way for the short and cute wrinkle in time that is February! Single? Dust off that Bumble profile! In a relationship? Pay attention because I’ve got the chillest aphrodisiac you probably haven’t heard of just yet. 


Black Velvet, an essential oil created by Dosi Blends is a relaxing, massage oil that helps shake off the mundane, stress-filled, energy that so often we carry into the bedroom and according to Dosi Blends founder, Erica Naranjo, will help you improve sex and intimacy. This relaxing aphrodisiac helps eliminate any stress or tension you’ve accumulated during the day and makes room for a sensous, playful night!

“I don’t necessarily mean take it slow… you can have relaxed passion that’s breathtakingly intense. But focusing on slow and sensuous in the beginning stages of arousal can greatly enhance the peaks that you’ll encounter later.And it will help you invite in the intense, passionate energy into your love making later – without over straining your nerves.”

People carry many insecurities into the bedroom, so I’ve chosen oils that are specifically tailored to creating ease in individuals who have emotional hangups, whether around sex or not.”


Black Velvet is composed of different notes such as rose, one of the oldest aphrodisiacs, stirring passion, romance and desire even to queens and kings  throughout the ages.  It also includes Ylang Ylang, which is known for slowing down a racing heart, reducing blood pressure and having an overall calming effect. Cinnamon will add spice, improving the blood flow and circulation in the nervous system, and lastly. patchouli oil relieves anxiety, promotes and overall sense of wellness as well as being a mood booster!

You can use it to massage your’s or your partner’s body or vice versa, or you can also massage it unto pulse points that will give you an instant relief. You can also take an aromatic bath, alone or coupled, by adding 14 drops of Black Velvet into the water. You can also scent your entire space, bedroom, house with this relaxing scent to help you keep a more stress free mood overall, by adding a few drops into a diffuser.

Black Velvet will be available at Dosi Blends starting Feb. 7th, just in time for Valentine’s Day! And if you’re not really looking to boost the action in the bedroom, Dosi Blends offers an array of powerful affirmation oils that will help you overcome anxiety, boost your mood overall, cultivate self-love, be at peace and so much more! Don’t forget to check them out here.

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