Lifestyle Diaries: Women in Tech

hen I first met Dominique we found ourselves slightly overwhelmed by what we were being presented. Coming from different backgrounds, we shared the same drive of learning how to code, so we enrolled in a 3 month coding camp in New Orleans and ended up bonding over margaritas and Ruby. Even though, once it ended, we both pursued different goals, Dom eventually came back to tech.

It’s been a couple of years and I’ve seen her go from zero to coder, she’s currently working as a software engineer! (She’s amazing) So, how does she do it? Follow as she takes us on a day in her life:

ACS_0160 (1).JPGOn Being a Woman in Tech

Being a woman in tech is like climbing a new mountain weekly. Somedays are super tough, but when you reach the top of the mountain it’s really rewarding. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating to be the minority in the room but I try my best to use that as my strength to propel and dominate this field.

On Mornings

I usually wake up around 6:15 am, pray and meditate for about 15 mins. Followed by some tea, picking my outfit and then I’m off to work. At work I usually grab another cup of tea, go over my to-do list, work through my inbox, and attack my day!

ACS_0159At Work

Workload fluctuates, some days I have 8 -10 meetings and other days I am working on learning a new skill to enhance the team I’m working with. I am on the design, software analytics, research development, and women’s network team. Usually have tons of interaction with people.

Lunch is usually Snap Kitchen or leftovers from dinner Houston doesn’t have my shrimp étouffé or shrimp poboys commonly around like they have in NOLA!

On Her Past and Current Projects

Being the lead iOS developer for French Quarter festival application. I’ve worked on Cloud Security and as an Automation Software Engineer working with the security team to architect and code a solution to secure some services in Amazon Web Services, Currently leading application rationalization and technical solutions/integrations for  commercial products.



After Work Hours

Usually leave work around 4:45 and make my way to pilates. I get home and make dinner whilst listening to music, usually I decide on a dish that reminds me of home. (New Orleans) Then it’s a quick shower and a nightly dose of Golden Girls, (my favorite show!).

I’ve been learning how to draw/paint and I have DJ turntables and mixer that I practice on! I also take time to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank, the largest food bank in the US.

Below you can find my top favorite spots in Houston:


GalleriaTopShop and Zara can have ALL my money!

  Musuem of Fine Arts for happy hour on Thursday, I love art and its free to get into the museum that any chance I get to drink wine and be around art im all here for it

Ramen Jin (can eat here everyday), for brunch, The Union Kitchen (best mimosas)

 For a great night of dancing, Avant- garden, such an amazing vibe and great people with usually spoken word and performers on the first floor, djs on the second floor, and people vibing out in garden.

Need more Dom in your life?! We feel you, you can follow more of her stories:

Instagram: @heyyitsdom_

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