Leggo Your Ego


o you consider yourself ego-centric? Most likely, your ego is driving you to immediately respond with“Noooo…”, because who would want to admit such a thing? But the truth is, despite what we would like others to see, we are all a bit ego-centric. 

We’ve been conditioned to see our lives through a lens, focusing on life through a camera lens that automatically will adjust to see whatever we want, a particular picture from our point of view. But, as anyone who has grown out of the tedius teen and young adult years knows, the world in fact does not revolve around our point of view. 

We become comfortable seeing the world from this perspective, it’s what we know, what we think, and what we need. We don’t consider others because they are not even in the picture, we’re zoomed in and focused on ourselves. 


This doesn’t sound that bad though, right? Unfortunately, the ego, this lens that you view the world from, gives you a distorted reality. It also creates a separation between you and others. It becomes a protective barrier, as we grow and we experience negativity, rejection, humiliation, shame, disappointment we lose the innocent, curiosity that helped us approach new experiences and people with openness. This keeps feeding our ego, and thus we don’t want to change our lens, we want to continue to see the world through our distorted view and prevents us from truly connecting with others. 

So how can we see the world from an wider, different angle? Well, luckily, as with every lens, there’s always a way to adjust the settings. But it takes a conscious approach.

With consciousness, we can begin to shift the way we see the world; we can tear down the emotional barriers that build up from growing accustomed to viewing things from our own perspective. 

When you are aware that acting with the ego limits you from experiencing the world in a better way, from connecting with friends, family and lovers in a more intimate way, that it really limits your beliefs of what you are capable of doing, then you can begin to distance yourself from it. 

How can you? Through acts of kindness, through choosing to connect with others with honesty, openness, not masquerading our true selves behind our ego, by giving without expecting in return, being generous and kind when we can even to those that may have hurt us, forgiving, and understanding that the differences we have are meant to bring us together and show us the ways in which we are all surprisingly the same.

So now, go ahead, leggo your ego.

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