Following a Path of Light


It is never too late to initiate on a spiritual path, and no matter how often we may veer from that road, it is one we can always return to.

The road less taken …

If we find ourselves in a space where things are not going the way we would like, we do have the ability to turn things around. We can begin at this very moment to send out into the world the energy of positivity – and, indeed, that positivity will flow back to us. And it will at sometimes feel like it’s a hard path to take, but the road less taken is always the one that leads us to amazing adventures.


There is strength in compassion…

What can we do when we feel we’ve strayed from our path? Sometimes the best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in service of others, all it takes is reaching out in kindness to help a friend,  or simply smiling at a stranger passing by. There is an endless amount of love within each of us to give, and yet there is such a lack of it in the world today. The kindness we bestow to others creates a beautiful world, filled with love and beauty, and in turn reflects back to us the blessing of love and beauty in our own lives.

You come from that Light. No matter how far you may fall, remember the Light within you. It is always there, waiting to show you the way home.



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