Do Less, Live More

ost of my early 20s were spent dreading free-time. Being busy felt good and keeping busy helped me feel important. It’s taken me getting until the end of my 20s to realize that my worth is not determined by my “busyness.”

Even though the things that keep me busy are often good things, I try to volunteer as much as I can, maintain a healthy, social life to nurture my connections with my friends, and obviously, there’s work.


efore, it was a matter of comparing who had the most hectic schedule and figuring how to deal with it all. Now, it’s more about asking myself, why am I choosing to do this? Does it pay the bills? Does it nourish my soul?

I started letting go of things that were not a good fit for me, and as I opened space in my calendar, I created space for stillness and contemplation. Space for questioning what my role in this world is, who I am and how is it that I intend to live.

ACS_0905 (1).JPG

‘ve come to terms with the idea that I don’t have to do it all. I would much rather give attentionย to and focus on the few things that actually contribute to our collective. A minimized schedule can actually have a maximum impact, it’s time to do less, and live more.

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