Are Wakeup Hacks Necessary?

new year, new daily routine? Already there’s a myriad of thought pieces trying hard to convert us into becoming the ultimate morning person because, #2019goals amirite?

From easying your way into it, to yoga poses in bed, even making your bed before you leave, (apparently this can become a life changing experience), from letting sunlight in, to thrusting your hands up in the air all the way down like a wacky inflatable tube guy, the internet is full of advice with the promise of becoming a better person.

“What’s with a flamingo-like pose that makes our morning so much better?” I asked myself after waking up at an ungodly hour and unsuccesfully trying to fall back asleep. Is it bad that becoming a better morning person is not part of my 2019 resolutions? Is it worst that I have yet to sit down and write out goals in the form of a scavenger hunt list that will eventually not be crossed off entirely and lead to a subsequent guilt-trip?

Just because I frown upon these lifehacks does not mean I’m against personal development. By all means if waking up at the crack of dawn makes you an insanely productive person, just pretend we never spoke, but if trying to copy someone else’s routine makes you feel like you’re not good enough because you somehow can’t commit to the same schedule, why must you keep torturing yourself?

For some, our drug of choice is indeed that warm, cozy feeling of being wrapped by our duvet covers and for some it’s easier to get out of bed knowing there’s the promise of coffee or by tuning into a funny podcast, if you’re going to commit to another day in this plane, you might as well start off laughing.

If you bear the guilt of not being a morning person, I’m here to tell you, it’s ok. We’ve been indoctrinated with the idea that morning people are healthier, more efficient and basically superior in every way. Science says being an early riser may not even be in your DNA, so stick to what works for you instead of spending your days filled with frustration trying to follow into someone else’s routine.

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