Traveling Local: A Night in Little Havana

As someone who despises routine (it’s nothing personal),I constantly crave stimulations, whether it’s new people, environments, challenges, adventures, whatever is of novelty, I’ll take it! I mean, is life ever meant to be lived in just one place?

It’s no secret that travel helps us broaden our perspectives, not just of the the world but also of ourselves. Traveling offers us the opportunity to leave our comfort zones, even if it’s for a day or two, we are able to connect with the reality that lives outside our bubbles.

Status update; starring in my own Wes Anderson movie.
The walls are plastered with art that seems to evoke a sort of nostalgia.

Getaways are not just good to give us a new outlook, they are stress relievers, they give us a break from routine, slowing us down and allowing us to take things in with self-awareness and not on autopilot. They are also perfect for practicing introspection, whether it’s walking down a beach, whilst sitting in your hotel room, or sipping a coffee in a new bistro.

If you know me, you know that when I travel I like to stay in places that offer a sort of experience whether it’s a night in an RV next to a chicken coop in the outskirts of Atlanta, or a Wes Anderson-esque boutique hotel in New Orleans, I like to stay in places that transport me into the fantasy of the city itself. Cue in my stay at Little House in Little Havana in Miami.

Mind you, as someone who frequents this port, per say, I’ve mostly stayed in the comforts of Brickell or the tourist trap that is Miami beach, this time around decided to venture away from the norm and into Calle Ocho, the epicenter of Cuban and latino culture in Miami.

Part of every millennial’s complete breakfast.

The hotel offered an array of cozy corners

From the retro, guava-colored 1920s historic mansion, to the assorted vintage furtniture and its patterned and gold accents as well as plants galore, the entire hotel is a combination of modern interior design with a heavy dose of Cubano/tropicana vibes, a rare thing to witness, an upscale hotel actually blended in with the local environment, seemingly effortless.

It’s worked out the tiniest details, from the easy and fast check-in that takes about 1 min and a simple swipe of a card on an iPad, to the complementary breakfast buffet that is a foodie’s dream, both for the quality of food as well as the aesthetics of it.

Who knew built-in screens on your bed was so life changing.

The gold accents and white backsplash tiles are a great aesthetic, don’t forget the amazing selfie lighting.
Saw this wallpaper whilst in NYC visiting my best friend. We went wallpaper shopping and he got this in blue, you can imagine my excitement to find this in Miami, it confirmed we both actually have good taste and a good eye for aesthetics.

Life House hotels, which by the way is fully backed by Silicon Valley, is in my opinion, born out of the need for the hotel industry to take on Airbnb, it’s owners Rami Zeidan and Yury Yakubchyk,Ā  have raised around $70 million in venture-capital and real-estate funding with plans to expand their locally-rooted hotel concepts to Brooklyn, Denver and North Beach.

You will never want to leave.
The mix media here is basically eye-candy.

So if you’re looking to venture out from the usual Miami scene and settle into a more gentle and culturally rich environment on your next trip, consider a stay at this unique hotel that will envelope you in comfort and introduce you to a curated local experience in Little Havana.

And don’t forget, traveling is good for your soul, don’t forget to do it as often as you can.

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